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March 29, 2020 1 min read

“…joy comes in sips, not gulps.” -Sharon Draper

The smallest things can bring you great joy – a Facetime call with your bestie or a new music playlist. Now, more than ever, the simple things are where it's at.

Focusing and appreciating simple pleasures can truly change your perspective and your life. Do you find joy in a freshly cleaned house? Or maybe a party-for-one binge of This Is Us, complete with a spread of your fave treats? Little joys give you a renewed energy to get through the tricky times.

We're here to help kickstart your joy finding adventure! What better thing to find joy in than a rockin’ playlist?! Whether you want some soothing Jack Johnson, classic Dolly Parton, or badass Beyoncé, we’ve got the thing for you. Click the link below & get your joy-seeking groove on with our Homebody Jams playlist, girl!