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March 28, 2020 2 min read


Re · sil · ience –  the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. The belief that there is nothing that is insurmountable and that there are always multiple ways up a mountain. In this new and adapting socially-isolated world that we live in, resilience is the key to happiness and growth. Resilience is associated with greater longevity of life, lower rates of depression, and greater overall satisfaction with life.

You’ve made the choice to dig deep and do the work. You just need the proper tools for remaining resilient and we have 4 mantras just for you!

1. Onward Ever, Backward Never

This is a play-off of the phrase “forward ever, backward never,” created by Ghana’s first prime minister and president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. This man saw through his dream of creating a Ghana that was free of colonial rule.  

“Onward ever, backward never” reminds one to always look ahead, whether it’s focusing on dreams or just living in the present. This mantra will help you to keep your head up and heart happy!

Fun fact: our amazing and strong Lace Brick Design female founder, Jackie Chemelli, 100% lives by this mantra! 

2. I Can Do Hard Things

To remain resilient, one must remind themselves that they are capable of hard things. Nah, make that GREAT things. I can guarantee you that Rosa Parks probably didn’t think that her decision to move to the back of the bus would make a monumental difference. Today, we know that she helped to contribute to an entire movement! Strong like a girl, am I right?! YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. You really, really can.

3. Everything Will Be Okay In The End. If It Is Not Okay, It’s Not The End

A perfect mantra for those times that you’re just feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Coined by John Lennon, a member of the Beatles and well-known peace activist, the saying empowers one to stand back up and to keep persevering with the recognition that nothing is permanent and everything always works out.

4. Live Your Life In Such A Way That, If Anyone Spoke Poorly Of You, No One Would Believe It

In simplest terms, be kind. You know how we feel about that, right Ponytail Posse? Love people well, contribute to your community and help others when they’re in need. <3  

Challenges not only teach one more about themselves, but they give one insight into others. Struggle is what you make it, and we can benefit from making our struggles a learning experience.


Now that you have the right tools for resiliency, go out and take the world by storm, girl! Be kind, love yo' neighbour, do hard things and remember EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE (our FAVE Marie Forleo mantra)! Stay cozy and well, Ponytail Posse!