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May 03, 2020 2 min read

There’s nothing quite like getting completely lost in a storybook. We can all remember our fave childhood books and it’s so fun being able to pass those down to our special lil’ babes! Let’s get their love for adventure started early, Ponytail Posse!

Here are some of our faves to keep your tiny humans coming back for more!

  1.  Rosie’s Walk

This story by Pat Hutchins follows a hen named Rosie who decides to go for a walk across the farm yard. Little does she know, the a fox is trailing her the entire way. Unintentionally, Rosie sets up obstacles that stump the silly fox. Watch out, lots of giggles will ensue!

  1. The Paperbag Princess

This book is a Robert Munsch classic that features everything you could ever want in a children’s book – a strong princess, interesting dragon and great message! Princess Elizabeth goes to save her fiancé after he is kidnapped by a dragon, who burns Elizabeth’s clothes. When the princess rescues Ronald (her rather ungrateful fiancé, if you ask us), he tells her to return when she looks more like royalty. Elizabeth replies with “You look like a real prince, but you are a bum,” and carries on her merry way without him. Talk about ‘strong like a girl’!

P.S. this story makes for an AWESOME Halloween costume, if planning early is yo’ thang.

  1. The Wonky Donkey

This tale follows an endearing little donkey with three legs. You and your littles will find yourself in a fit of laughter and a bit of a tongue twister with each additional page! You’ll love the wonky donkey just as much as Picasso, the ‘wonky dog.’

Author: Craig Smith

  1. Little Blue Truck

Picture a little blue truck named Blue with farm animal friends in tow. His friends need to work together in order to get Blue back on the course of his adventure – it’s all about friendship and helpful others. Blue will help to teach your little munchkin just how important it is to BE KIND! This story is perfect for farm girls and mountain girls alike. 

Author: Alice Schertle

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A reading nook staple! Your kiddo will love seeing what the caterpillar eats on his journey through the pages of this book. From an apple, to salami, to chocolate cake and a lollipop, the whole fam will be enamoured with the very hungry caterpillar! On another note, I’m sure that we can ALL relate to the hungry caterpillar during isolation – snacks all day erryday!

Author: Eric Carle

This list of books has some great messages for your young'ins and some fun, vibrant illustrations to keep everyone entertained! They’ll bring some light to these winter-like spring days, we’re sure of it. Keep calm and journey on. ✌🏼

 Happy adventuring, Ponytail Posse!

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