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May 06, 2020 1 min read

What else to do while you #stayathome?! Build a blanket fort! Embrace your inner child and travel to simpler times, filled with wonder and awe. ✨

Blanket forts are the absolute best way to get that adventure feel right at home! Remember when you were a kid building forts out of blankets, pillows and books? You’d watch movies from inside the covers, popcorn and all. There was nothing quite like the safety and magic inside a well-built blanket fort!

You can’t finish off the World’s best blanket fort without the perfect blanket and that’s where our popular Campfire Blankets come in! These thick, beautifully-weighted and cozy blankets will serve to either keep you warm or provide some padding for under your tush. Either way, we know that you will loooove them. You’ll only just start your collection (if you haven’t already) for all of those year-round adventures! Big bonus: each campfire blanket is extremely easy to wash and care for (we’re talkin’ to all y’all mommas out there #lifehack)!

Want some inspo?! Here's a gorgeous Pinterest Board with all of the most magical blanket forts. Let the magic begin!