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January 26, 2018 3 min read

2018 is in full-swing and we should all be feeling extra motivated to get things done, right?! Except?. It's cold outside and we don't want leave our cozy couches unless we?re boarding a plane to somewhere tropical!!

Ponytail Posse, we know EXACTLY how you feel and we are here to help pull you through those January blues! We've included aspects that you can add to your everyday life that may improve your mood and we promise they are easy peasy lemon squeezy! Check out these 5 tips to improving your January mood!

1. Get Outside

More time outside is SO good for you mentally and physically! The average adult needs a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day, so getting outside for a walk, run or even stroll to the store adds to your personal health and wellbeing. Whether you live downtown or in the suburbs, there are always beautiful parks not too far away. If you are a Calgary dweller, some gorgeous places to catch your breath are:

  • Griffith Woods
  • Nosehill Park
  • Sandy Beach Park
  • Bow River Park
  • Glenmore Reservoir
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park
  • Prairie Winds Park

The list goes on. Let us know some of your favourite hideaways in the city in the comments below!

2. Get Extra Vitamin D Through Diet and/or Supplements

Now we all know that we can get Vitamin D from being outside in the sun but did you know that most Albertans should be taking a Vitamin D supplement due to our lack of sunshine? We know remembering to take vitamins daily can be tricky so we've got some dietary recommendations for you instead! Salmon, tuna, and mackerel are the best natural sources of Vitamin D that you can find. Don't like fish? That's ok, beef liver (sorry), cheese and egg yolks also contain some naturally occurring Vitamin D. Cows milk and orange juice also often have this vitamin added to it as well. Any or all of these choices will help increase your Vitamin D intake and boost you out of those winter blues! 

*always check with your health provider before adding vitamins and/or supplements to your regime

3. Treat Yourself to a Hot Stone Massage or Facial

You've finished a hard week at work, shovelled the sidewalk, and finally recovered from the hectic Holiday Season what better way to treat yourself this winter than with a relaxing massage?! Hot stone, deep tissue, relaxation you name it! Massage is great for releasing built-up tension and eradicating pesky pains that we get from poor posture and sleeping habits. We hear ya, not everyone likes a massage. Most spas will also offer alternatives to treat yourself such as facials, manicures, pedicures and a number of other services to pamper your body. Choose what makes YOU feel the most relaxed and like the true queen that you are!

Massage Recommendations:Calgary: The Centre Spa and Wellness

Canmore: Canmore Spa & HairBanff: The Willow Stream Spa at the Banff Spring Hotel

4. Plan a Trip

Our absolute personal favourite way to get through the cold winter months is to plan a trip! Have something to look forward to! A hot vacation on a beach, a weekend getaway to the mountains, a quick jet over to the Big Apple for a shopping excursion  whatever gets you pumped! Today's society is so focused on work, work, work; we want to encourage you to take time for YOU this winter. Plan that special trip that gets you excited and also allows you to relax because this is a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You deserve to reset! Looking to stay somewhere that is not a hotel? Check out these sites below for great deals!

Booking (careful, this site books in US dollars)

5. Buy Yourself Something Pretty

What better way to treat yourself than buying yourself some pretty Lace Brick Design swag?! Add some sparkly earrings, a cool trucker hat or style yourself in a Mountain Girl toque to dress up your daily wardrobe. Feeling chilly in this January weather? We've got cozy campfire blankets, perfect for curling up on the couch on cold winter days! Try pairing your new campfire blanket with one of our campfire mugs, the perfect match for a deliciously rich peppermint mocha. Keep your eyes open for our Spring 2018 Collection, coming soon!