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January 27, 2018 3 min read


Every single in-stock tank is on sale for only $29(reg. price $45) January 28th-31st!!

We are putting our tanks into hibernation until Spring to make room for all of our amazing Winter Collection goods... Before we do though, we want to treat YOU to a steal of a deal on our tanks so you can layer them 'til your heart's content!

Lace Brick Design tanks look good rain, snow or shine, especially paired with a checkered jack shirt and jeans! Sooooo, babes, keep reading below to see which tank speaks to your adventurous heart? and get them before they're gone! 


Mountain Girl Tank 

This tank makes sure that everyone knows where your heart is rooted: deeply in the soul of the mountains! Wear this beauty to keep a little piece of the Rockies with you, wherever you go.

Available in black with white or gold print.

Wolf Pack Tank

Don't bother inviting just one if the whole wolf pack isn't invited, am we right? Let this tank bring out your playful, wild and adventurous side as you take on the world together, fierce babes!

YYC Girl Tank

Proud of our awesome city? Want to rep it wherever you go? Our exclusive and limited edition YYC GRL tank is perfectly paired with a snazzy leather jacket for that chic, city vibe or dressed down with your fave pair of leggings!

CDN Girl Tank

Show off your proud Canadian roots with this Limited Edition tank! This one is for the backpack-toting, s'more-making, adventure-seeking Canadian Girl. Oh Canada, the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Farm Girl Tank

Wear your down-home roots with pride and sport our Farm Girl tank! This super soft cotton tank can be paired with a pair of jeans and boots or a cute denim jacket for that laid-back look.

Campfire Hair Don?t Care Tank

Calling all campers: we love the smell of campfire hair, don't you?! Wake up, throw on this tank, crawl out of your tent, and make some coffee!

Solivagant Tank

Seeker of solitude, solitary moments on a trail and solo road trips. This tank is for those who crave adventure and adventure alone. Let us help you wander in style!

Alberta Girl Tank

Alberta: we've got mountains, we've got prairies, what else do you need?! Sporting this tank will make sure that everyone knows that your heart is rooted deeply in our gorgeously diverse province.

Available in black with white or gold print.

Moon Phases Tank

There is nothing more soothing than watching the moon on a clear night, each day slowly waxing or waning. This tank will allow you to express your deep-rooted connection to the outdoors and the wild you crave!

Backroad Taker Full Moon Chaser Tank

Calling all adventurers, travellers, lovers of the woods, road-trippers, full moon chasers, and backroad takers! Make packing easy with this adventure tank dominating your wardrobe and perfectly matching with whatever else you throw on.

Mountain Bestie Tank

Do you love the mountains? Do your friends love them more? Share your love of nature with your BFF this year, so that together the mountains don't seem quite so far away. Hurry, we have limited quantities of this one in stock and we won't be making more!

Have Tent Will Adventure Tank

It really is this simple buy supplies and hit the road. Grab this tank to share your simple philosophy with the world while you head into the outback and explore some more!

Available in black tank with white print or white tank with black print.

Ponytails & Mountain Trails Tank

If you love throwing your hair up and hittin' the trail, this is the tank for you. Breathe in that mountain air and let us help make your adventure a stylish one!

Road Trip Rule: No Boys Allowed Tank

Rooooooooad trip! Grab the girls, a bag of trailmix and hit the highway sporting these tanks, Whether you're heading to the Rocky Mountains, the East Coast, or traversing down the States to uncharted territory, the squad will look bomb in these Road Trip tanks. Hurry, we have limited quantities of this one in stock and we won't be making more!

BC Girl Tank

Beautiful British Columbia, it never fails to amaze us with its natural beauty. Snag one of these tanks so that home doesn't feel so far away BC Girl. Hurry, we have limited quantities of this one in stock and we won?t be making more!

Saskatchewan Girl Tank

Home truly is where the heart is. Show some love for the prairies and be proud of the province you call home, Saskatchewan Girl. Hurry, we have limited quantities of this one in stock and we won't be making more!