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March 15, 2018 3 min read

Introducing your new BFFs: We're upping the game with new trendy toque colours!

Our latest Winter's End Collection includes cute earrings, a new adventure bag AND brand new stylish toque colours! If you already have one of our toques then you know how crazy comfortable they are and how warm they keep your head. To keep things fresh and up the fun-factor, we?ve given each toque a dapper name so that you can easily choose your BFF for the day!

Shop our wide toque selection here and start collecting one in every colour! Though they may have classically dapper gentleman names, we guarantee that these are #notyourgrandpastoque!

The Bruce | Burgundy Mountain Girl Toque 

The Charmer. Whether you wear this beanie with the folded Mountain Girl label showing or choose the slouchy Lace Brick Design look, good ol' Brucey will work with you to find that perfect slouch. This handsome burgundy gent looks good with every hair colour and is you fave!![

The Pete | Pink Mountain Girl Toque 

Now who doesn't love a guy with a soft side? Pete here is soft and sweet; the type of guy who listens and is always there for you when you need him. He'll warm your head any day of the week, all you have to do is bring him along for the ride!

The Marvin | Mustard Mountain Girl Toque 

Perhaps 2018's hottest colour, this mustard toque adds fashionable colour to your darker outfits. Choose Mountain Girl by day or Lace Brick Design babe by night, Marv will roll with the punches.

The Larry | Lilac Lace Brick Design Toque 

Meet Mr. Sensitive. Lar-Bear just wants to cuddle and keep you comfortable. Pick up one of these lilac toques to add some softness to your fave everyday outfit!

The Charles | Coral Mountain Girl Toque

Meet Mr. Adventurous. Charlie here loves when you take him on mountain treks and river walks. Add this coral number to your already so stylish hiking attire!

The Otis | Oatmeal Mountain Girl Toque

Our most popular toque, this oatmeal number is for playing in the snow like it was your day job. Leave this folded for the Mountain Girl feel or unroll it for a slouchy LBD vibe, Otis doesn't mind!

The George | Grey Lace Brick Design Toque

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie; kissed the girls and made them cry!! Now Georgie here, he's a dream. He's neutral, classic and flattering. Simply ask him to and this grey toque will hide that campfire hair any day of the week!

The Bernard | Black Lace Brick Design toque

Now who doesn't love a simple black toque?! Matches everything and is soft as can be! Did we mention that it looks adorable? Bernie, we appreciate everything you do for us!

The Benjamin | Brown Mountain Girl Toque

Benjamin here, or as the girls like to call him: Benjii, is our resident bad boy. He'll get you into all sorts of trouble like encouraging you to skip work for a day hike in the Rockies or nudging you towards that massage that you've been telling yourself you don't need but you REALLY want! Who doesn't love a bad boy?!

The Bert | Baby Blue Mountain Girl Toque

Ol' Bertie Blue Eyes is our LBD looker easy on the eyes and flattering on just about everyone. He keeps you nice and toasty warm while also adding a hint of softness to any wardrobe choice

The Theodore | Teal Mountain Girl Toque 

Meet Mr. Dependable. Good ol' Theo is the beanie that will never make you look bad. Folded up for that Mountain Girl cuteness or flipped down for that laid-back LBD feel, he'll be there for ya. Trust us, he'll look daaaaang good!

Excited to order your fave toque(s)?!

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