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April 06, 2018 7 min read

Ponytail Posse, have we got a treat for you! Behind every shiny necklace, cozy campfire blanket and wicked adventure bag that you purchase, there are a number of wonderful people involved in the process of getting your Lace Brick Design order into your hands! Lace Brick Design began as a single woman operation with everything from designing and creating to packaging and shipping being performed by one pair of hands. We are now proud to say that we have several individuals working closely together to bring you the absolute best products around! We pride ourselves in filling orders as fast as possible after they are placed meet the Lace Brick Design team responsible for making it all happen!   

Jackie Chemelli


Hi!! I'm Jackie, owner/creator of Lace Brick Design.And here are my LOVES (in a somewhat particular order):Burgers, the rain, my friends & their tiny humans, crafting, writing, yoga, time in the mountains and solo travel adventures.I do my best creating barefoot and I learned a long time ago that the creative juices will not flow unless my lips are adorned with some form of lip balm!!

I trust strongly in three core values: {1} Love your friends and family hard {2} Design a life that supports your passions {3} Live in a way that makes the world a softer+prettier place to be and always be authentic

I am unsure whether creativity is an innate gift or if an ability to aesthetically design can be taught. I do know, however, that I have always craved creating. Even as a young girl, I was a maker. I would design jewelry boxes out of egg cartons for my mom, wear belts as headbands, and countlessly rearrange the furniture in my bedroom (the paint on the walls fell victim too).

Design and adventure have consistently been the pulse of my being and, so, it was only natural that Lace Brick Design birthed out of a solo, soul-searching trip to Vancouver Island, BC during the Spring of 2013. Walking past a bead store near Kits Beach, Vancouver, I was drawn inside. Knowing that I would be spending hours on a beach, kicking up sand and counting waves, I decided that I would dabble in the art of earring design (why not, right?). I purchased all of the required supplies from the little bead store and voila, a week later I had handmade earrings coming out the wazoo! Adding these to the already accumulating pile of pretty little DIY creations in a corner of my home, I knew my next step: Lace Brick Design.

Lace Brick Design is a lifestyle brand for the adventure-seeking female. In this light, we design jewelry, apparel and camping supply to empower passionate adventurers, lovers of the woods, road-trippers, full moon chasers, and backroad takers! Based near the heart of the Rockies in Calgary AB, Lace Brick Design is dedicated to building strong community vibes and styling passionate, fearless females. We are grateful for a tribe of 18k+ followers on Instagram and over 15+k Facebook peeps! We even have our own official hashtag: #ponytailsandmountaintrails! Alongside our online shop, you can also find Lace Brick Design in 60+ stores across Canada, including Hallmark! Lace Brick Design LOVES being involved with community! We can be found setting up shop at local markets, holding workshops, contributing to local events, and collaborating with other amazing grassroots businesses. Our community members (dubbed the 'Ponytail Posse') are THE best around town and we absolutely consider each one of them a part of the Lace Brick Design family!

What began as jewelry design has grown to become so much more: an outlet for all forms of creative expression, new friendships, feminine empowerment, constant learning, expansion of an entrepreneurial spirit and now a new line for little girls, Baby Brick! Thank you for joining us on this adventure!! xo

Kelsey Woods

Lead Assistant

Kelsey works behind the scenes at Lace Brick Design. She is our content writer, order filler and market go-er and you probably saw her last Christmas if you checked out Curated or Little Modern Market.

She enjoys hiking, travelling and exploring the mountains surprise surprise that she work here right?! She is happiest when she can use her creative side to share her passions with the people around her, whether that is at events happening around the city, places to explore, or kick-ass deals that Lace Brick has going on. She also loves being part of the fearless female tribe that we have created around Lace Brick Design everyone we interact with is supportive, genuine and lovely!

Kelsey graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Communications, a minor in Business and a craving to write for a living. She also works as an independent Marketing & Communications Contractor, taking on writing, editing, social media, and other online tasks. She aims to support local whenever possible, whether that means working for a small Calgary business or buying her veggies from a local supplier. She looks forward to bringing you more exciting content and quality products with the LBD creative team!

Debbie Roche

Virtual Assistant

After 10+ years of working in an office, Debbie realized that she is an entrepreneur at heart. Freedom is her biggest value and she wanted to be able to work from home, travel and never have a limit on her income. Debbie also LOVES inspiring and helping others pursue their dream work. When she sees an entrepreneur who is passionate about what they do, she instantly wants to help. Debbie started as a Virtual Assistant back in May of 2016 and her small VA business grew pretty quickly. Realizing that as a solopreneur, she would only be able to serve a small amount of clients, she set out to create a business model where more small businesses could receive the support they need. In January 2108 Roche Online Business Services was born.

As well as having a vast administrative and customer service background, Debbie holds a Bachelor of Science as well as various courses in media and communications as well as Project Management from BCIT. In January 2107 she completed the Foundations in Digital Marketing at Red Academy.

Debbie was born in Scotland but has lived in Canada for the past 12 years. Alongside running a business, Debbie runs a podcast called DebTalks. She is also on the board of the Kitsilano Showboat and in her spare time (i.e. 6am in the morning) can be found working out at her local barre studio, doing yoga or trying to meditate.

Colleen Conrad


Colleen Conrad is the owner and artisan behind Bella Love Designs. She's a true Alberta babe, born in Calgary and raised on the prairies. Horticulture brought her to the Calgary area, and a longtime love of the city kept her there.  She comes from a long line of amazing female tailors and stitchers, and happily lives with her husband and fur babies. She is a boho hippie at heart, is completely addicted to crystals, and finds true joy in a needle and thread. Colleen is overjoyed to be a part of the Lace Brick Design team!

Meghan Unger


Meghan lives in Olds, Alberta with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She is originally from BC and misses the trees and mountains often. She started her photography journey when she was pregnant with their first daughter and what started as a hobby, slowly but surely, turned into a full-time business. She tries to find beauty in the simple and subtle things. The connections and details that might get overlooked. The relationships. The love. So that you can look back on those images in 10, 20, 50 years and not only remember them, but feel them as well. She is so grateful for all of her beautiful clients. 
Meghan has been Lace Brick Design's photographer since 2016 and continues to capture the essence of the brand perfectly!


Photoshoot Make-Up Artist

Ashleigh was  born and raised in a small town in Central Alberta, Canada. She married a local boy 11 years ago and together they have 3 children. After graduating high school in 2003, she moved out to Vancouver, British Columbia and attended Blanche MacDonald Centre. She graduated in 2004 with a Diploma in Esthetics and Makeup Artistry. She has a passion for accentuating her clients natural beauty by customizing each makeup application for individual skin tone, skin type, eye colour and face shape. She truly believes that 'less is more' and you don't need to change the way you look with makeup. Simply use products and tools to showcase your natural beauty and let that beauty shine through. She has had a ton of fun over the years collaborating with many brands and companies including Miss Rodeo Canada photo shoots and speaking at their Annual Seminars, as well as doing makeup for our local Alberta brand, Lace Brick Design. Her work has appeared in Canadian Cowboy Magazine, DOTE Magazine, Foxx Worthee's Album Cover and a live segment for CTV Live Morning Show. 



Photoshoot Hair Stylist

A born & raised YYC girl, Robin has always loved anything that involved any sort of creativity. Over the years, she has been able to channel that creative energy to 2 specific areas in beauty- hair styling & makeup artistry, with her passion geared towards bridal beauty & creative photo shoots. Since the establishment of Avenue Beauty, she has had the chance to work along side an incredible team of talented artists & stylists, as well as being on the business side as the beauty & booking coordinator and most recently becoming owner. She continually strives to grow her skills by collaborating with local photographers to create a vision sought after by both; educating herself in hairstyles & makeup looks that are currently trending & to work along side some beautiful brides to create their envisioned look for their special day. Having the opportunity to network and work with other local YYC creative minds fuels her passion for the industry & she loves the sense of community that come with it. With an artist eye for detail & relaxed personality, she will being an amazing energy to any event.


There you have it, Ponytail Posse - your ever-growing Lace Brick Design team! We would love to meet you too! Email us, comment on our Instagram and Facebook posts, and come visit us at local markets!