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September 19, 2017 6 min read

Beautiful babes, have we got some exciting news for you!! We have crawled out from under our pretty lil' rock and have joined the world of blogging! New products,  upcoming markets, fashion trends, new collections, you name it - it'll all be right here just for you!!Our first order of blogging business?! Designing a name for our Lace Brick Design family of followers and customers! We cherish our Lace Brick Design community (that's YOU); each one of you is part of our Lace Brick Design tribe! We want you to feel the love of your Lace Brick Design community and feel a part of the #ponytailsandmountaintrails movement of strong, kind and stylish adventure babes! Aaaaaand, every tribe needs a name of their very own, right?! Drumroll please we are pumped as heck to intro you to the Ponytail Posse!Lace Brick Design's Ponytail Posse is made up of a diverse group of fearless females who band together to raise one another higher. Read on to discover the unique personas that make up your Ponytail Posse: Mountain Girl, Country Girl, Urban Girl, and Indie Girl which Ponytail Posse Girl are you?! (pssst, make sure you read all the way to the end to take a cool quiz to find out what Ponytail Posse girl you truly are at heart!)


Mountain Girl

Do you believe in living, not simply to exist, but to act with a zest for wanderlust? We bet you crave that breath of fresh mountain air and relish in the feeling of being away from societal norms. You are always scheming up your next adventure, whether it be hiking, biking, camping or canoeing. No matter what you are up to, you yearn for the feeling of knowing you're alive. Some may call you a wild spirit, and yes, Mountain Girl, you are free!You are highly intuitive and can be spiritual. You make it your personal mission to promote daily self-love, reflection and motivation. You work hard for what you want because you believe that one can dream and succeed. Your friends would say you are courageous and charismatic, attracting people from all walks of life and welcoming them with open arms. You do not judge; instead, you accept all without hesitation.You will often be found on day- or week-long camping trips, in the yoga studio, on the spin bike or on top of a mountain. Being raised in the concrete jungle, you appreciate and conform to city life when necessary, but when people look at you, they see that mere twinkle in your eye when they catch you in your own daydream, envisioning your next adventure when you escape the city for the cool, mountain air.Overall, you abandon "normalcy" by creating your own rules for your life because you believe that life is full of adventure, novelty and mystery.Breathe in that fresh air Mountain Girl, your next adventure is waiting!


Country Girl

Hey there Country Girl! Do you believe in bonfires and long walks in the pasture? You are from a small town surrounded by rolling foothills and rocky mountain views and you love to live in wide open spaces with room to roam, gardens to grow and horses to ride. Don't get us wrong, you are very much a "girly-girl," but you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty!You value family strongly and have a deep connection with your dad - forever Daddy's Little Girl. You won't turn down a nice afternoon on the deck, reading a book or an evening with friends and family around the campfire. If you make your way into town, you can be seen strolling through the farmer's market, conversing with vendors and supporting your local neighbours.You will never turn down a chance to two-step to your favourite country song, especially with a handsome country boy. We wouldn't be surprised if you were caught dressed in turquoise and lace, listening to your fave George Strait song on full blast in your truck. With a girly flare, your style is even a little bohemian, with long luscious locks and flowers in your hair.You are open, down-to-earth, and as kind a human as one can find. You are the type of girl who will grab Chinese food from town, cruise home, and chill by the fireplace with a good book while the wind & coyotes howl from the field. You've had a hard day of work and aren't afraid to treat yourself!


Urban Girl

City life is THE life! You, my friend, are a city dweller - you love living in the urban metropolis surrounded by tall buildings, parks and river valleys. You work downtown at your 9-5 job. The routine of your career supports those creative side projects that empower your spirit and fuel your audacious need to venture to uncharted places for photog opportunities (do it for the Gram, right?!)In your down time, you will often be found Instagramming your latest latte obsession, laying on a blanket at a city festival or frequenting the trendiest restaurant hot spots. Depending on the time of day, you will either be caught with a cup of java (poured from your French press, of course) or a glass of cool, crisp pinot grigio at downtown happy hour - the 9 oz, for sure. You sport the latest fashions from trendy consignment stores or local inner city boutiques. On the weekend, you are seen wearing athleisure, and only athleisure - classy AND comfortable.Now Urban Girl, you are quite clever and witty, coating your charm in a thick layer of sarcasm. Although you are a cosmopolitan, you enjoy fleeing from the modern metropolis and abandoning your regular routine for adventure. You'll often take off for day trips to the mountains and hike through the trees to be surrounded by fresh air. Let's not be mistaken though, you are a glamper! And you will most definitely document your mountain adventures to post on-line when you are back in civilization.Unwilling to devote your precious time to the "ordinary," you seek to walk uncharted territory, discover new foods and look out on seldom seen landscapes.Urban Girl, there's no one quite like you. Be you because no one else will!


Indie Girl

Now Indie Girl, you are something else. You are a minimalist; you don't own a TV and you bike everywhere - who needs a car?! Living in a character home, just on the outskirts of town, you are always listening to the latest musings by folk-indie artists (music that none of your friends have heard of). When you need a break from the bustling metropolis, you venture out to the country to smell the wildflowers and listen to the nearby creek babble.You are a quiet, introspective soul but this doesn't stop you from bathing in the moonlight and dancing between the twinkling lights at folk festivals and musical gatherings with your big blanket, barefoot soul and free heart.  Although you are an urbanite, you live as if you are in a small town. You definitely do not shy away from acquiring new memories and adventures.You are also a collector, a bargain finder, a thrifter. You are always in possession of unique and simple items-things that make others ask, "Where'd you get that?!" You won't be found shopping at expensive boutiques or large chain stores. What intrigues you most is an assortment of vintage pieces, one-of-a-kind trinkets and items that come along with a story.With flowers in your hair and a song on your lips, you glide through life, joyful and care-free, as you consistently seek out new experiences. Let your spirit roam free Indie Girl, the world is waiting for you.

Well, there you have it - your Ponytail Posse personas! Each girl is unique and absolutely amazing with her own set of strengths and inspiring qualities; women who empower one other and work together. Now, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and see which girl you truly are at heart! xoP.S. Remember to head to your inbox after taking the quiz to confirm your email address (via a confirmation email from us) and be entered to win our Fall+Winter 2017 Collection giveaway (more deets to come on our @lacebrickdesign Instagram feed...it's a gooder so stay close!)