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February 15, 2018 2 min read

Hello, Lace Brick Design and Trailblazers! TreeEra is thrilled to be a guest blogger and become a part of your tribe.

Put simply, TreeEra plants trees on behalf of individuals and businesses to help offset their carbon footprint. It was founded on the belief that living a sustainable lifestyle should be both approachable and positive. We realize that not everyone is ready to become vegetarian or has the ability to cycle to work every day it can feel daunting to know where to start in reducing one's carbon footprint. While climate change may be complex, our approach isn't.

Everyone in our community, which now includes the amazing Lace Brick Design tribe, helps plant trees, providing the world with countless advantages like breathable air and places to adventure. There are a few ways to get involved. First of all, purchase a pair of Lace Brick Design's new special edition TreeEra earrings - ten trees are planted per pair sold! These ten trees can offset up to ten tonnes of carbon throughout their lifetime, and provide enough oxygen for 40 people to breathe.

Also, TreeEra is a subscription-based organization - a monthly subscription plants hundreds of trees on one's behalf every year. A simple but meaningful way to take oneself off the sidelines the fight against climate change.

The rhetoric around climate change so often relies on guilt and fear, which can often leave one with a sense of hopelessness. TreeEra, on the other hand, hopes to empower the community to join a relatable, positive and impactful movement to address this growing global problem.

We believe that together, we can accomplish more. Small steps as individuals can make a huge impact together. So,thank you for joining our #Communitree, we are excited to have you.

Together, we will plant one billion trees.