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March 07, 2019 2 min read

~ "Girls with dreams become women with vision." ~

Today is significant for so many reasons - International Women's Day is a worldwide event, highlighting the social+economic+cultural+political achievements and contributions made by women. This day seeks not to establish women as better than men, but as EQUALS in a world that has rarely allowed this - until now. Today is a day to recognize where we started, acknowledge where we are now, and to fight for where we want to be. Today, on March 8th 2019, we celebrate women's accomplishments and strength!

Today, we watch women stride, push, struggle, fight, claw their way to the top - in spite of societal pressures - finally receiving recognition for their courage and strength. And yes, there is still a looooooong way to go but, as we reflect on these past years, we can see the leaps and bounds that we have made to furthering gender equality in today's society:

    • The #MeToo campaign went viral, giving women a voice where they didn't have one before and uniting them with others who suffered in the same way.
    • As of summer 2018, women can legally drive in Saudi Arabia, allowing them to apply for a license and granting them more freedom than they've ever had before.
    • If you haven?t seen the movie Wonder Woman that came out in 2017 starring Patty Jenkins, do it, because it now holds the record for the highest-grossing superhero film to date.
    • Hollywood actresses stood up against sexual harassment and abuse by uniting and wearing black on the red carpet as a way of speaking out against famous actors, producers and other powerful men who had wronged them.

If all of this can happen in just a few short years, who's to say what will happen in the next 5, 10, 20 years of female activism across the world. We are slowly but steadily moving towards a world of inclusion, equality, freedom and understanding. As a small local business run by women for women, we couldn't be more proud of the strides seen here in the past few years!! We are ALL strong like a girl.

~ Empowered women empower women ~

~ Empowered people empower people ~

Let's create a society where your gender, race, status and sexuality don't affect human rights but, instead, add to who one is as a person. Build up those around you so that they can then build up those around them. Together, we can create an equal & liberal society of kind, loving people. Happy International Women's Day, Ponytail Posse!