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Introducing Baby Brick: A lil’ Sister Co. of Lace Brick Design

Ponytail Posse, Feb 22 was a big day for us over here at Lace Brick Design – We’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you a brand new line….Introducing Baby Brick: apparel for her wild heart!

Baby Brick is a lil’ sister company of Lace Brick Design. The Baby Brick line is created with one-of-a-kind, locally-designed prints. The simple, eye-catching designs are easily loveable and will make any little girl the cutest wherever she goes. Style her little adventures with an adorable line of printed onesies, beanies, and bibs. Each piece is designed for little girls who are lucky to grow up in the adventure lifestyle – a way to express her {future} love of exploring, wilderness and the places she calls home. Perfect for baby showers and birthday gifts, show those independent and strong baby girls some love with a sweetheart Baby Brick present!

{Don’t worry, several of our designs are adorable AND unisex – perfect for styling the adventurous little guys in fashionable and neutral threads too!}

Baby Brick clothing goods are available in sizes Newborn up to 18 months…we’ve got you covered for the first year and a half!

Style little adventures with Baby Brick. Apparel for her wild heart.

The Cutest Onesies EVER

Forest Fairy Onesie | Baby Brick | Lace Brick Design


Dance like no one is watching, little Forest Fairy! The sweet, attached tutu on this magical gold and baby pink onesie is just perfect for the little lover of the woods in your life! How adorable!

Little Sapling Onesie | Baby Brick | Lace Brick DesignL


Dress your tiny forest dweller in an adorable Little Sapling onesie! A simple and locally-

designed onesie, this lil’ number is perfect for camping and exploring!


Too tiny to camp? NEVER! Lil Mountain Babe here is ready to take on the world in her baby pink fitted Mountain Babe onesie! Pair it with a simple Baby Brick beanie to complete her adorable mountain ensemble and the little girl in your life will be ready to adventure in style!

Mountain Babe Onesie | Baby Brick | Lace Brick Design

ALBERTA GIRL Alberta Girl Onesie | Baby Brick | Lace Brick Design

It’s never too early to dress those precious baby girls in some home pride! Style her in one of these adorable black Alberta Girl onesies and see how she stands out in a crowd. How cute to match her in your very own Lace Brick Design Alberta Girl sweatshirt and tank!



ABC Onesie | Baby Brick | Lace Brick Design


The ABC’s of the adventure lifestyle! This little black onesie is simple yet perfectly designed for the baby in your life with a just the right touch of mountain inspiration.


Oh yes she is!! Style her in one of these Born To Be Wild onesies and encourage free and abundant adventure in your little one!

Born to be Wild Onesie | Baby Brick | Lace Brick Design


Star-gazer, full-moon chaser, night owl…Moon Child! Add this stylish and locally designed onesie to your little one’s wardrobe so she can match your boho ways! Go on and howl at the moon, girls!

Adorable Bibs 


Get her ready for her next campfire and tent sleepover! The perfect lil’ bib to keep her in adorable style even when the food starts flying!


Little girls are beautiful, mess and all! The gorgeous gold-foil print is just precious, paired with the baby pink on this sweet bib. Glam up snack time! #abeautifulmess

A Beautiful Mess Bib | Baby Brick | Lace Brick Design


Oh yes she is…especially at snack time!! Add one of these Born To Be Wild bibs and encourage free and abundant adventure in your little one!

Born to be Wild Bib | Baby Brick | Lace Brick Design


Help keep those lil’ nuggets cozy in our stylish newborn beanies! These cute little beanies are soft as can be and come in four different colours– choose from a blackteal, pink, grey!

Teal Baby Brick Beanie | Baby Brick | Lace Brick Design

Style little adventures with Baby Brick!

Giving Back: TreeEra Guest Blog Post

TreeEra | Guest Blog | Lace Brick Design
TreeEra | Guest Blog | Lace Brick Design

Hello, Lace Brick Design and Trailblazers! TreeEra is thrilled to be a guest blogger and become a part of your tribe.

Put simply, TreeEra plants trees on behalf of individuals and businesses to help offset their carbon footprint. It was founded on the belief that living a sustainable lifestyle should be both approachable and positive.  We realize that not everyone is ready to become vegetarian or has the ability to cycle to work every day – it can feel daunting to know where to start in reducing one’s carbon footprint. While climate change may be complex, our approach isn’t.

Everyone in our community, which now includes the amazing Lace Brick Design tribe, helps plant trees, providing the world with countless advantages like breathable air and places to adventure. There are a few ways to get involved. First of all, purchase a pair of Lace Brick Design’s new special edition TreeEra earrings – ten trees are planted per pair sold! These ten trees can offset up to ten tonnes of carbon throughout their lifetime, and provide enough oxygen for 40 people to breathe.

TreeEra Leaf Wood Studs | Lace Brick Design

Also, TreeEra is a subscription-based organization – a monthly subscription plants hundreds of trees on one’s behalf every year. A simple but meaningful way to take oneself off the sidelines the fight against climate change.

The rhetoric around climate change so often relies on guilt and fear, which can often leave one with a sense of hopelessness. TreeEra, on the other hand, hopes to empower the community to join a relatable, positive and impactful movement to address this growing global problem.

We believe that together, we can accomplish more. Small steps as individuals can make a huge impact together. So, thank you for joining our #Communitree, we are excited to have you.

Together, we will plant one billion trees.

10 Ways to Give Self-Love + Local Love this Valentine’s Day!

Mountain Bestie Tank | Lace Brick Design

Beautiful babes! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Now, we know this day can be a bit ambivalent for some, with all the love and hearts in the air and commercialized greeting cards. BUT, whether you are attached or single, Valentine’s Day is a day focused on self-love and expression of love for everyone who means something to you! We tend to get so caught up in work and everyday life that we often forget to take care of the most important person of all – YOU! You are a powerful female who can take self-love to a whole new level this V-day and the best part?? You can support local at the same time! Check out some of these fabulous ways to spend your Valentine’s Day pampering your beautiful, wonderful self!

1. Massage from The Centre Spa & Wellness

Oooooo, a massage… This is almost the universal response when someone hears you are going for a massage. No one can resist a day at the spa, in a soft white robe, with cool cucumber water and essential oils filling the room. Whether you like hot stone, deep tissue, or just a good ol’ relaxation massage, The Centre Spa & Wellness will cater to your every need, from a sore neck at a desk job to a tight back from sleeping poorly. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with the gift of a relaxed mind and body. Mention this blog and receive 20% OFF your first treatment!

2. Pedicure from Vanity Vault

We know it’s winter and those little tootsies are often covered up with boots, slippers or wool socks BUT isn’t it a nice little surprise when you jump in the shower or head to bed and see those beautiful pink little toenails peeking out at you? And let’s not forget about the sensational foot rub and calf massage that comes along with this dreamy pedicure…..yeeeeeeesssss, more pleeeeaaasssee. This is the perfect opportunity to have some well-deserved ‘Me Time,’ or better yet, grab a friend and gab away while you lounge in luxury.

3. Fresh Hair from Drake Pan of D*Culture

Drake Pan is a GENIUS with hair! He is owner and stylist behind D*Culture and welcomes you, with sweetness and good energy, into his one room studio in the cool-as- heck Grain Exchange building in downtown Calgary. Drake has over 15 years experience as a hair stylist. He engages his craft at a truly professional level. His eye for the aesthetic and current professional development makes him one of THE BEST hair stylists in Calgary! Call to book your appointment: 403.515.0068 P.S. Visit Golden Peach Wax Bar right across the hall to keep your peach fuzz in check!

Love Studs | Lace Brick Design

4. Lace Brick Design Snuggle Swag

Whether you are on the couch with bae or watching P.S I Love You with the gals, everyone needs a good sharing cozy-up blanket. Head to our website to view the multitude of colour options for our popular Campfire blanket. Looking for a present for your girlfriends, or perhaps yourself?! Check out our Etched Love Studs. These adorable little wood earrings add a touch of cute, or should we say love, to any outfit, especially leading up to and on V-Day! Use code VDAY for 10% off your order!

5. Throw a ‘Galentine’s Day’ Party

What better way to use that Lace Brick Design Campfire Blanket than with your babelicious friends at a Galentine’s Day party?! From ice cream and movies to fondue and charades, Galentine’s can be whatever you want. Some chicks keep it casual and comfortable, in sweatpants watching Clueless or Mean Girls; other girls want to dress up, drink champagne and enjoy a night on the town full of cocktails and dancing. You decide! You know what your band of fearless females enjoys, so throw them the party that they will never forget!

6. Makeup Lesson from Makeup by Ashleigh

Most of us have been playing with makeup since we were like twelve years old. How many of us can say we are actually good at it though?! (1, 2, 3, not us!) Professional Makeup Artist Ashleigh MacDonald is hosting a workshop on March 23 that includes all the tips and tricks you’ll ever need in learning how to apply foundation, bronzer, blush and highlights on your eyes, lips and brows. She will be supplying you with 3 makeup brushes, a multi-use palette and a mimosa at White Creek Ranch near Olds, Ab – um yes please! For more details, check out her Instagram page: See you babes there!

7. TFB Leather Bracelet

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful leather bracelet from TFB Leather (or send your guy the Instagram account so he can buy one for you! It’s @tfb_leather). These bracelets are designed and handcrafted right here in Alberta by the talented Ben Forster. Not feeling a bracelet this holiday season? No sweat. Custom requests are more than welcome, so send Ben a message with your ideas and TFB will design and handcraft something absolutely perfect! Shop TFB Bracelets on our site!

TFB Feather Bracelet | Lace Brick Design

8. Boudoir session by Meghan Unger

We get it, Boudoir Sessions are scary! You’re putting yourself out there, flaws and all. Rest assured, even though the idea can be scary at first, they are actually CRAZY FUN! How often do you get to be pampered for 2 hours, look like a total babe and have the photos to prove it?! They’re an awesome confidence boost, a fun time, and make a great gift for hubby! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose, that’s what Meghan is there here for and she promises you’ll be a pro by the end! Mention this ad upon booking and receive $50 off your first shoot!

9. Room Re-design by Sarah of Gioia Interiors

Winter blues got you down? Well Valentine’s Day is a day of self-love and support for all females around. Sarah of Gioia Interiors absolutely LOVES helping people redesign their homes! Work with Sarah to have a clean, classic and layered look so that they feel upbeat and motivated! Treat yourself, and your home, this February to a new boutique interior design that will give you that boost of satisfaction each and everyday! Check her out on Instagram: @gioiainteriors Mention this add and enjoy 25% off your first consult!

10. Let Your Stress Float Away at Clear Float Spa

Maybe massages just aren’t your jam but you’re still looking for a way to relax that body. Check out Clear Float Spa just off 17th Avenue. If you’ve never been floating before, let us paint a picture for you. You enter a room with a full tank of extra salty water that allows you to float on top. With the lights turned off and no sound around, you are immersed in complete sensory deprivation, allowing your body to fully relax with no sensory stimulus to disturb you. Now this technique isn’t for everyone, but sounds pretty neat right?! Give it a try Posse, you just might like it! PLUS they have a deal right now 3 floats for just $49!!! Say wha??!

*consult your health care provider before visiting for your first float

Happy V-Day/Galentine’s Day, Ponytail Posse, sending all our love your way on this most fabulous day! Self-love rocks!!

Heading-Into-Hibernation Sale


Every single in-stock tank is on sale for only $29 (reg. price $45) January 28th-31st!!

We are putting our tanks into hibernation until Spring to make room for all of our amazing Winter Collection goods… Before we do though, we want to treat YOU to a steal of a deal on our tanks so you can layer them ’til your heart’s content!

Lace Brick Design tanks look good rain, snow or shine, especially paired with a checkered jack shirt and jeans! Sooooo, babes, keep reading below to see which tank speaks to your adventurous heart – and get them before they’re gone! 


Mountain Girl Tank | Lace Brick Design

Mountain Girl Tank 

This tank makes sure that everyone knows where your heart is rooted: deeply in the soul of the mountains! Wear this beauty to keep a little piece of the Rockies with you, wherever you go.

Available in black with white or gold print.

Wolf Pack Tank

Don’t bother inviting just one if the whole wolf pack isn’t invited, am we right? Let this tank bring out your playful, wild and adventurous side as you take on the world together, fierce babes!

Wolf Pack Tank | Lace Brick Design
YYC GRL Tank | Lace Brick Design

YYC Girl Tank

Proud of our awesome city? Want to rep it wherever you go? Our exclusive and limited edition YYC GRL tank is perfectly paired with a snazzy leather jacket for that chic, city vibe or dressed down with your fave pair of leggings!

CDN Girl Tank

Show off your proud Canadian roots with this Limited Edition tank! This one is for the backpack-toting, s’more-making, adventure-seeking Canadian Girl. Oh Canada, the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Canadian Girl Tank | Lace Brick Design
Farm Girl Tank | Lace Brick Design

Farm Girl Tank

Wear your down-home roots with pride and sport our Farm Girl tank! This super soft cotton tank can be paired with a pair of jeans and boots or a cute denim jacket for that laid-back look.

Campfire Hair Don’t Care Tank

Calling all campers: we love the smell of campfire hair, don’t you?! Wake up, throw on this tank, crawl out of your tent, and make some coffee!

Campfire Hair, Don't Care Tank | Lace Brick Design
Solivagant Tank | Lace Brick Design

Solivagant Tank

Seeker of solitude, solitary moments on a trail and solo road trips. This tank is for those who crave adventure and adventure alone. Let us help you wander in style!

Alberta Girl Tank

Alberta: we’ve got mountains, we’ve got prairies, what else do you need?! Sporting this tank will make sure that everyone knows that your heart is rooted deeply in our gorgeously diverse province.

Available in black with white or gold print.

Alberta Girl Tank | Lace Brick Design
Moon Phases Tank | Lace Brick Design

Moon Phases Tank

There is nothing more soothing than watching the moon on a clear night, each day slowly waxing or waning. This tank will allow you to express your deep-rooted connection to the outdoors and the wild you crave!

Backroad Taker Full Moon Chaser Tank

Calling all adventurers, travellers, lovers of the woods, road-trippers, full moon chasers, and backroad takers! Make packing easy with this adventure tank dominating your wardrobe and perfectly matching with whatever else you throw on.

Backroad Taker, Full Moon Chaser Tank Top | Lace Brick Design
Mountain Bestie Tank | Lace Brick Design

Mountain Bestie Tank

Do you love the mountains? Do your friends love them more? Share your love of nature with your BFF this year, so that together the mountains don’t seem quite so far away. Hurry, we have limited quantities of this one in stock and we won’t be making more!

Have Tent Will Adventure Tank

It really is this simple – buy supplies and hit the road. Grab this tank to share your simple philosophy with the world while you head into the outback and explore some more!

Available in black tank with white print or white tank with black print.

Have Tent, Will Adventure Tank | Lace Brick Design
Pony Tails & Mountain Trails Tank Top | Lace Brick Design

Ponytails & Mountain Trails Tank

If you love throwing your hair up and hittin’ the trail, this is the tank for you. Breathe in that mountain air and let us help make your adventure a stylish one!

Road Trip Rule: No Boys Allowed Tank

Rooooooooad trip! Grab the girls, a bag of trailmix and hit the highway sporting these tanks, Whether you’re heading to the Rocky Mountains, the East Coast, or traversing down the States to uncharted territory, the squad will look bomb in these Road Trip tanks. Hurry, we have limited quantities of this one in stock and we won’t be making more!

Road Trip Rule Tank | Lace Brick Design
BC Girl Tank Autumn 2016 Collection | Lace Brick Design

BC Girl Tank

Beautiful British Columbia, it never fails to amaze us with its natural beauty. Snag one of these tanks so that home doesn’t feel so far away BC Girl. Hurry, we have limited quantities of this one in stock and we won’t be making more!

Saskatchewan Girl Tank

Home truly is where the heart is. Show some love for the prairies and be proud of the province you call home, Saskatchewan Girl. Hurry, we have limited quantities of this one in stock and we won’t be making more!

Saskatchewan Girl Tank Autumn 2016 Collection | Lace Brick Design

5 Canadian Winter Survival Tips: How to Beat Those Pesky January Blues

Campfire Blanket | Lace Brick Design

2018 is in full-swing and we should all be feeling extra motivated to get things done, right?! Except…. It’s cold outside and we don’t want leave our cozy couches unless we’re boarding a plane to somewhere tropical!!

Ponytail Posse, we know EXACTLY how you feel and we are here to help pull you through those January blues! We’ve included aspects that you can add to your everyday life that may improve your mood and we promise they are easy peasy lemon squeezy! Check out these 5 tips to improving your January mood!

1. Get Outside

More time outside is SO good for you mentally and physically! The average adult needs a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day, so getting outside for a walk, run or even stroll to the store adds to your personal health and wellbeing. Whether you live downtown or in the suburbs, there are always beautiful parks not too far away. If you are a Calgary dweller, some gorgeous places to catch your breath are:

  • Griffith Woods
  • Nosehill Park
  • Sandy Beach Park
  • Bow River Park
  • Glenmore Reservoir
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park
  • Prairie Winds Park

The list goes on. Let us know some of your favourite hideaways in the city in the comments below!

The Official Ponytail Posse Sweatshirt | Burgundy | Lace Brick Design

2. Get Extra Vitamin D Through Diet and/or Supplements

Now we all know that we can get Vitamin D from being outside in the sun but did you know that most Albertans should be taking a Vitamin D supplement due to our lack of sunshine? We know remembering to take vitamins daily can be tricky so we’ve got some dietary recommendations for you instead! Salmon, tuna, and mackerel are the best natural sources of Vitamin D that you can find. Don’t like fish? That’s ok, beef liver (sorry), cheese and egg yolks also contain some naturally occurring Vitamin D. Cows’ milk and orange juice also often have this vitamin added to it as well. Any or all of these choices will help increase your Vitamin D intake and boost you out of those winter blues! 

*always check with your health provider before adding vitamins and/or supplements to your regime

Mountain Girl Mug | Lace Brick Design

3. Treat Yourself to a Hot Stone Massage or Facial

You’ve finished a hard week at work, shovelled the sidewalk, and finally recovered from the hectic Holiday Season – what better way to treat yourself this winter than with a relaxing massage?! Hot stone, deep tissue, relaxation – you name it! Massage is great for releasing built-up tension and eradicating pesky pains that we get from poor posture and sleeping habits. We hear ya, not everyone likes a massage. Most spas will also offer alternatives to treat yourself such as facials, manicures, pedicures and a number of other services to pamper your body. Choose what makes YOU feel the most relaxed and like the true queen that you are!

Massage Recommendations:
Calgary: The Centre Spa and Wellness

Canmore: Canmore Spa & Hair
Banff: The Willow Stream Spa at the Banff Spring Hotel

4. Plan a Trip

Our absolute personal favourite way to get through the cold winter months is to plan a trip! Have something to look forward to! A hot vacation on a beach, a weekend getaway to the mountains, a quick jet over to the Big Apple for a shopping excursion – whatever gets you pumped! Today’s society is so focused on work, work, work; we want to encourage you to take time for YOU this winter. Plan that special trip that gets you excited and also allows you to relax because this is a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You deserve to reset! Looking to stay somewhere that is not a hotel? Check out these sites below for great deals!

Booking sites: (careful, this site books in US dollars)

Road Trip Rule Tank | Lace Brick Design

5. Buy Yourself Something Pretty

What better way to treat yourself than buying yourself some pretty Lace Brick Design swag?! Add some sparkly earrings, a cool trucker hat or style yourself in a Mountain Girl toque to dress up your daily wardrobe. Feeling chilly in this January weather? We’ve got cozy campfire blankets, perfect for curling up on the couch on cold winter days! Try pairing your new campfire blanket with one of our campfire mugs, the perfect match for a deliciously rich peppermint mocha. Keep your eyes open for our Spring 2018 Collection, coming soon!

New Year, New YOU!

The Official Ponytail Posse Tank | Lace Brick Design

New Year, New YOU!

Well, Ponytail Posse, another year has passed – what will 2018 bring you? Fame? Fortune? Or maybe just good ol’ fun and frolicking? A new year gives us the chance to reflect on our lives and see how far we have come, where we have been, and decide where we want to go. For many people, including our Lace Brick Design team, 2017 was a time of growth, learning and creativity. We can’t WAIT to show you what we’ve got in store for 2018’s Spring Collection! In the meantime, you’ll want to scroll down and take our Ponytail Posse quiz!
Some of you babes are OG and have been following Lace Brick Design since the beginning. For others, you may have just joined the Posse, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have all of you! By joining our crew, you are surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are genuine, mindful and completely supportive of your hopes, dreams and desires. We create an atmosphere of love, acceptance and fearlessness as we take on the world together even if we may be miles apart. Together, we can encourage one another to be confident in our actions and daring in our dreams.
The new year brings with it hope, motivation and expectations. We all wonder: What will the new year bring? How can I better myself and the people around me? Who will I be in order to meet my goals? The biggest questions after all goal setting is: How will I achieve it?? It is so easy to push things aside or focus on instant gratification when one doesn’t have a goal in mind. BUT, when there is something you really want and you know the steps to achieve your dream, well that is where the magic happens. We encourage YOU, Ponytail Posse, to set your 2018 goals to help you decide: Who are you going to become? What direction are you heading? What do you want to accomplish in the next 12 months?
All of these questions will be answered by who you are and what you value. And that’s the person we want to get to know! Take our Ponytail Posse  quiz to help you better understand who you are! We love and appreciate you beautiful babes. We wouldn’t be here without you and we are SO excited to see what the new year will bring for us, a Posse of Ponytails, waiting to take on the world!